Monday, October 24, 2011

Aqua Euro USA’s 28 Gallon Deluxe Aquarium - Los Angeles - Long Beach - Orange County

Aqua Euro USA’s 28 Gallon Deluxe Aquarium – Deluxe EU-T28S  Aqua Euro USA’s 28 Gallon Deluxe Aquarium 

With the right combination of lighting, filtration, water movement and temperature, a beautiful, balanced, healthy aquarium can be yours.
Aqua Euro USA’s 28 Gallon Deluxe Aquarium gives you that, easily and efficiently. Now you can create your own magical under water world.
This aquarium is designed and built with safety as a prime concern. Each aquarium is checked at the factory for safety and proper operation prior to shipment. 
  • Seamless Curved Glass for Enhanced Viewing
  • Durable ABS Construction: Smooth Precision Finish
  • Effective Lighting System: 72 Watts of Bright Compact Fluorescents (2x36W), 8 Blue Moonlight LEDs
  • Super Bright, Corrosion Resistant Wrap Around Aluminum Reflectors: Increase Flourescent Output
  • Sealed Lighting Areas Adds to Aquarium Safty
  • Built-In 3 Stage Filtration System: Mechanical, Biological, Chemical
  • Filtration System: Ceramic Cylinders, Carbon, Bio-Balls
  • High Performance Water Pump (2 x 160 Gal/Hr.)
  • 2 Quiet Cooling Fans
  • Convenient Feeding Access
  • 18"L x 20"W x 22.5"H
Deep Sea Aquarium Maintenance will deliver and set up this wonderful aquarium, which is perfect for the first time saltwater reef aquarium. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Aquarium Scratch Removal - Los Angeles

Does your beautiful aquarium have an unsightly scratch on the glass or acrylic?  Deep Sea Aquarium Maintenance specializes in complete scratch removal on any size aquarium.  We can come to your home or office and remove the scratch with out having to drain the aquarium. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Custom aquarium design for films, TV shows, and commercials.

Deep Sea Aquarium Maintenance has been working in the film/TV industry for over a decade and has become the go to company for custom aquarium installations on feature films, TV shows and commercials.  If you have a problem we have a solution!  We understand time sensitive projects and step up to the challenge.  

Monday, September 19, 2011

The dangers of overfeeding your fish

Overfeeding is the major cause of fish loss. Overfeeding results in the accumulation of waste due to uneaten food and increased amounts of waste produced by the fish eating more than they really need.

Overfeeding fish is so easy to do. First, we forget how small they are: our appetites are much bigger than their stomachs! Second, feeding is one of the only ways we can interact with the fish, so we tend to do it too often. Third, fish quickly learn that our approach often means food is on the way. They come to the front and top of the tank, appearing eager and hungry. Don't be tempted to think this is an indication that they are famished and need food immediately. Overfeeding is definitely too much of a good thing, and can lead to serious consequences.

To avoid overfeeding your fish you need to set a schedule and make sure everyone in the family sticks to that schedule.  Also make sure you are feeding the right food for the fish you have.  Finally make sure any fish sitters know the dangers of overfeeding and stick to your schedule.  If you think you have overfeed your fish, you may want to call Deep Sea Aquarium Maintenance to come clean your aquarium. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aquarium chiller problems? Don't let your fish cook in this heat wave - Aquarium Service

 Today we are replacing a Current USA 1 HP chiller on a 500 gallon saltwater aquarium in Huntington Beach, CA.  The thermostat on the Current Chiller stopped working and the manufacture stopped making that product so we decided to put in a new Aqua Euro 1 HP Chiller to keep the fish cool.

 This is Patrick the owner of Deep Sea Aquarium Maintenance working on the plumbing for the chiller.

Here Patrick is cutting the plumbing of the old chiller and getting ready to install the new Aqua Euro 1HP chiller.

With few new pvc elbows and some glue the new Aqua Euro 1HP chiller is set up and ready to start cooling down the aquarium.

Here is a picture of the 500 gallon saltwater aquarium we replaced the chiller on.  The fishes are now happy and swimming around in their cool home.  If you have a problem with the temperature in your aquarium.  Don't risk loosing your expensive fish or corals.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Custom Jellyfish Aquariums for your home or office

Deep Sea Aquarium Maintenance works with one of the largest custom Jellyfish aquarium manufactures in the country.  They have supplied some of the most elaborate Moon Jellyfish Aquariums in the world.  Some of their clients are LAX Nightclub-Hollywood CA, Silverton Casino-Las Vegas NV, and Horniman Museum-England.

One of our employee’s has worked at both the Long Beach Aquarium and Cabrillo’s Jellyfish lab.  He has several years experience with keeping Moon Jellyfish in the aquarium and wrote several articles about keeping Moon Jellyfish for various aquarium websites.

One of the biggest challenges of keeping Moon Jellyfish in the Aquarium is their short life span and they are extremely hard to get.  You will not find Moon Jellyfish at your local fish store.  DSAM has several ways to ensure your Moon Jellyfish aquarium is always fully stocked with Jellyfish.  First we have an account at the only commercial Moon Jellyfish hatchery in the USA.   Second if the Jellyfish aquarium is in public view and used for education we can receive Moon Jellyfish from Cabrillo or the Long Beach Aquarium.  Finally DSAM employs a Marine Biologist who can collect wild Moon Jellyfish from off the coast of Southern California.  For more information or to receive a free estimate for your custom Jellyfish aquarium call Deep Sea Aquarium Maintenance at 562 477-2219

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to keep Seahorses in the Aquarium

In nature most seahorses are found in the lagoons and grass flats inside the reef. Because of this environment, seahorses may encounter larger variations in water temperature and salinity. Seahorses may adapt to a wider range of water conditions than the reef fish commonly kept in aquariums.

Seahorses should not be kept with other fish as tankmates. This is due to the fact that they cannot compete with the fast moving fish for food. They are best kept in a small (10-20 gallon) aquarium by themselves.

With the right aquarium set-up, proper feeding and care, seahorses may live for many years. Average age for many of the tropical seahorses is about 4-6 years. They will reach sexual maturity as early as 4 months, and pairs will readily spawn in aquariums. Seahorse reproduction is well known for having the male give birth to live young. Fertilization actually takes place in the female and then she passes the fertile eggs into the male pouch where they develop for two to four weeks, and are eventually released. Typically 50 to 150 juveniles may be born over the course of many hours.

Recently all Seahorses were placed on the Appendix II list of endangered species by CITES (Convention for the International Trade in Endangered Species). This severely restricts the legal import and export of seahorses

Deep Sea Aquarium Maintenance carries only tank raised seahorses and will deliver them to your home.  We also specialize in complete seahorse aquarium set-ups for your home or office.  Call 562 477-2219 for a free estimate.